Aurohill is a renowned global company with a strong presence in the steel supplies and a focus on new energy solutions.


As energy sector transform to renewable sources, Aurohill offers line of products for Hydrogen storage and transportation, such as storage cascades and associated equipment. The company actively seeks partners to develop industrial base for green H2 and green ammonia production and use.

Steel and Pipes

Our focus on pipes and pipelines remain strong during our 25-year history. Aurohill supplies API grade coils and plates for pipe production, OCTG and line pipes, reliable control valves for severe and critical application, as well as pipes for green energy, ensuring smooth transition from traditional energy and our traditional line of products to future sustainability.


In steel engineering, Aurohill promotes development and use of modern steels based on Niobium microalloying. Niobium is unique and essential element to ensure strength, safety, weldability in steels, as well as to achieve reduction in carbon emissions and steel costs. Aurohill collaborates with CBMM, the world's largest producer of Niobium products, to bring this knowledge and support pipe industry in the Middle East region.